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The special offer for non-traditional and atypical matches

The special offer for non-traditional and atypical matches for your social actions

!!! From 50 pcs !!!

This special offer is intended for various private and social actions, company parties, family gatherings, conferences, etc. They are not the common advertising matches – they represent an atypical and original souvenir for the particular action. They are produced in a form of non-traditional matches which will be appreciated even by very strict anti-smokers. The advantages lie in their originality, the minimal numbers of pieces starting from 50 upwards and a very prompt delivery – usually within 5-10 days !!!

On the front side of a chosen type there is usually a client’s logo, on the back side the action date and various texts. For bigger social actions logos of more sponsors and agencies can be placed there as well. The appealing and unobtrusive form will guarantee,that even non-smokers will be pleased to take them home.

They are not common matches, but absolutely original souvenirs accompanying your visitors for a very long time. The shapes available comprise non-traditional book-like matches in different forms (your company logo form, heart-shaped, ovals, etc.), various atypical boxes – f.i. mini boxes, triangle-shaped, etc., and last but not least recently very popular long cigar matches.

In the end let me inform you that these matches are completed manually by our mentally and physically handicapped fellow-citizens who will be happy to get your orders because they are not asking for any sponsorship presents, but want to earn money through the job that they enjoy and that fulfils them with a feeling of being useful.

Thank you very much for your interest. We are looking forward to our cooperation. G-Matches Team

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