G–MATCHES CZ s.r.o – advertising matches and dice

Business information

How order our products

To produce your advertising matches we will need the logo of your company, possibly the photograph, and the text required. On the basis of these data we are able to prepare the design or, in the case of book matches, the sample which will be sent to your approval and possible corrections. Production can start immediately after your approval and takes, according to the type and quantity, 4 to 10 weeks.

The data can be sent by post or by e-mail in different programs for Macintosh or for PC (Corel program).

Colour of heads

1 – orange, 2 – red, 3 – white, 4 – dark green, 5 – light green, 6 – dark blue,
7 – light blue, 8 – black, 9 – brown, 10 – yellow (type 1 only in brown)

Payment terms and conditions: We require all goods to be paid fully in advance, otherwise we require a renowned bank’s guarantee. We will send your a pro forma invoice immediately upon receipt of your order. We base these terms and conditions on the negative experience we had with some of our clients. We hope your understand this move, for which we wish to thank you.

Now already from 50 pieces!

The special offer for non-traditional and atypical matches for your social actions

These small series are interesting and can be a great original gift for everybody.